Posted by Nuwa Flint Daniele Lovepill

Hi guys,i have been in a relationship for 5mnths and i feel like i want to quit,what is the right way to do this?


Hi Nuwa, thanks for writing to us.

Break ups are not easy even if you are the one breaking up with your partner. Here are a few tips on how you can go about it;

Do your homework. Know why you’re breaking up, because if your partner isn't expecting it then you'll end up doing a lot of explaining. It’s good to be well-prepared.

Do it in person. Don't break up over email, SMS, telephone or Skype unless the situation demands it.

Do it in a place that’s comfortable for your partner. A crowded restaurant with a lot of strangers around might be intimidating. Pick a place that makes them feel safe enough to express their emotions.

Be honest. Don’t lie to your partner when you’re about to end the relationship. Tell them exactly what you felt was wrong in the relationship.

Don’t be cruel. Break-ups are terrible in any case, so don’t go out of your way to make it more hurtful. Remember that you once liked this person.

Don’t be ambiguous or leave your partner in any doubt. Don't say something like, “It’s not working out now, but it might work out another time” unless you really mean it and want to try again.

Be prepared for their reaction. Being dumped is perhaps one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, so don’t be surprised if your partner starts shouting, cries, argues, or just storms out on you. Stay calm.

Don’t waver. Once you’ve made up your mind about breaking up, don’t change it. Your partner might convince you to give it “one last chance” but unless there’s any real reason why you should buy that argument, don’t fall for it. Stick to your guns.

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