Safe Sex

Posted by Shiku

Hi ...can a 19 year old who has had sex before get an iud inserted in any of your centres considering she has never had an abortion or had a baby and if so what are the chances that she will never get a baby when she feels the time is right to get one ??


Dear Shiku,

IUD is a safe and one of the most effective contraceptive methods even for the young women who are yet to give birth. It is recommended as the best long-term birth control method for young women.

The IUD works by killing the sperm, which means they won't be able to reach and fertilize an egg. This effect is easily reversible when the IUD is taken out, so you should have no problem getting pregnant when you are ready.

You and your partner can visit any of Marie Stopes clinics near you for further information and insertion. Please do let us know if your partner received the service.

In the meantime, check out this article for more information:

Love Matters Team.