Posted by Immanu

hi am Immanu 19yrs from Nakuru in my class there is a girl whom i feel jealous when she talks with other guys does it mean am inlove with that girl ??


I thnk am inlove with her bt am afraid to start a relationship what should I do ??


Hello Immanu,

There is nothing wrong to have feelings or get attracted to another person, however when those feelings turns to be jealousy then this might not be a healthy. Feeling jealous is not equals to being in love, it could just be infatuation.

What is it that you are afraid of? What is it that you are unsure of? Perhaps, you need take time and think through, see whether you are ready for a relationship. While you might be ready it is also important to know that the girl may not share the same feelings and therefore be ready for any response and respect it.

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Best of luck!

Love Matters Team.