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Hi am 28 dating aman of 59.l find out he got another woman who he got pregnant n got akid for him. I ask him n he denied the kid is not his but still paying the house for her. I ask him n he told me AL he is doing is to prevent his wife from knowing about the gal coz she threatened him to tel his wife. Confused do you think the man is telling the truth? Cz he has not changed towards our relationship in fact from that day we are even more closer plz advice on what to do


Dear Mercy,

You seem to be in a complicated relationship, from what you are saying the guy has a wife, another woman and you. Did you talk about your expectations- does the man know what and how you want the relationship to be? Do you know his side as well. it is important that you talk about the relationship, understand each other and get to know the responsibilities that each one of you has, then you can decide to stay on or move on.

Communication is key in every relationship, if you doubt what he telling you, approach him, share your concerns and find ways to address the issue. Trust is also key, if this lacks then chances of building a strong relationship are minimal.

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Love Matters Team.