Posted by soera

Hey,Am jared i hv agirl friend to marry she was tested positive,am negative ,is their away we can bare children without me infected?


Pls pls ineed an answer ,


Nothing ,thats why ineed ur help.


Not possible,


Hello Soera,
My apology for the late response. It is good that you took time to know your status and that of your partner, this helps you to plan for your future.

Yes it is possible for a discordant couple- where one partner positive and the other one negative, to have a child. There are a few things that are important to know before conceiving: 1.Your girlfriend need to be on medication- the anti-retro viral (ARVs) and adhere. This will help to boost her immunity, hence the ability to carry the pregnancy. 2. When you are ready to conceive, it is important that you both visit her clinic and have a conversation with a health care provider who will advise you on how and when is the right time. You will also receive information on what is expected during the pregnancy and after child birth.

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Wish you the best.

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