Posted by Don

Hey there,I av bn dating this beautiful lady for over 5 months nw she got a chance n wen abroad jst of recent,few weeks later she called me n said we can't continue wit our r/ship coz she z older than me yet we hd discussed every before she left
I was rili hurt bi ha decision coz we love each other so much later wen both us were calm I asked ha why then she said ha friends r ha to let me go coz am young n I can't afford to tkcare of ha since I no job n still studying... wat shd I do I love this lady so much n she love me too bt ha friends r tearing us apart


Dear Don,

I can imagine what you are going through. The thought of losing someone you love and have shared intimate moments can be heartbreaking.

It is never easy to deal with a breakup. The reasons that your partner is giving may not seem right to you, and it may be challenging to have a solid conversation with her bearing in mind that she is far. Respecting and accepting her decision to terminate the relationship may help to deal with the break up however difficult it may seem.
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Love Matters Team.