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I've just found a really nice girl and we started dating, but I had a really bad experience with my ex cheating on me. What should I do to prevent it? I understand that now I'm too jealous. What to do to keep the relationships healthy and happy and not be so jealous? please suggest something.

I love my relationships and modern world. I found my last GF at

Dear David,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Heartbreak is never easy to deal with and it may take long or short period to heal depending with the circumstances that led to break up. The fear is real, however you need to address it so that it does not affect your current relationship.

First, you need to ask yourself if you have dealt with the previous relationship to an extent of being ready to be in a new relationship. Have you healed or are you still hurting? You need to evaluate if you have and if not, perhaps you need time to heal. Check out this article:

Second, you need to know that every relationship is unique and therefore it should be treated that way. Get to know the girl you are dating as an individual without comparing her with your past relationship. Be open minded to learn from her and get to know what she considers as a healthy relationship.

Thirdly, a strong and healthy relationship is built where there is trust, mutual respect, open and honest communication. It also requires lots of commitment from both parties to be able to build it. Lack of these key elements, can make your relationship shaky and easy to break up.

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