Posted by Qadiro

Hey I'm mujtaba I have a american light skinned girlfriend we were suppose ro meet last ninth on June but their was ticket problems and she expected me to areuve by July 7th which has passed she told me to arrive by July 7th , and also I have trust issue with her cause I love her only, she wants me to buy her ityne cards every week as well which makes me mostly argue


Dear Qadiro,

I am glad that you meet a girl that you love. It sounds like your relationship is just staring and therefore this is good opportunity for you to share your expectations. What is it that you are expecting from your girlfriend and what does she expect from you? Once each person has shared their expectations you can decide if you are able to fulfill or not.

Which trust issue do you have with her? What is it that she has done or not done? Healthy and strong relationships are built on certain elements, trust is key to any successful relationship, open communication, honesty and mutual trust. Lack of some of these key elements can damage the relationship. It is therefore important that people get to talk to each, address any concerns that you may have and decide the way forward for your relationship.

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Wish you all the best as you meet and enjoy the company!

Love Matters Team