Posted by Queentanah

Hello,I broke up with my boyfriend for 2 months now and we've been in a relationship for 4 months.i still love him so much and I'll like to get back together with him,I Know I wronged him by pushing him too hard because of bad experiences I had in the past before I met him.This man had blocked me completely for the past two months but I realized he had unblocked me after trying calling his numberand he picked I never spoke to him but the moment I hanged up he messaged me.i love him so much and I tried expressing it to him but I don't actually understand him all he does it reminding me of past and he keeps telling me that we are separated and he has nothing for me even if we speak of other things.His more concerned about my life than his,he wants to know more about my questions are is this guy still in love with me? could he possibly want the same this as me getting back together? Is he just facking hatred to revenge?


Hello Queentanah, thank you for reaching out to us we appreciate it. So sorry to hear you have had such a rough time. Sometimes breakups can be difficult making it hard to move on. We cannot tell you what is on his mind or what his intentions are. However, you could ask him so that you do not get hurt again in the future.


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