Posted by Joshua12

Hello team, I have been dating for a 2yrs now. It has been really fun and there was a lot of commitment until lately when I met someone else. My girlfriend she loves me so much, she is loyal, humble and dedicated. I was too initially until another girl came around. I haven't cheated on her yet, but suddenly the relationship just turned dull. We don't talk like we used to before, or even tell stories for long. The issue is that I have developed strong feelings for the other girl who coincidentally is my workmate. I feel confused and torn between abandoning my girlfriend for her. I don't even understand what love means anymore. At first I thought that it was just lust and that I will get over it with time and here still 3 months, just can't wait to see her every morning. A couple of weeks ago I tried to avoid her but it never worked out. I can't figure out if I have fallen in love with someone else outside our relationship. We click so much and have a lot to talk about. Sometime back I told that I was dating and needed space, she got upset and never talked to me until I apologized. I don't feel right cheating on or breaking up with my girlfriend. She has been so loving, dedicated and loyal to me. How do someone solve this situation?


Honestly I wouldn't recommend you leaving your 2 years girlfriend for a 3 months woman you claim you have might go for her and get bored again after 2 years and later get another one. Getting bored with your partner is normal but you just work together and find ways of bringing life to your relationship...