Posted by Vicday88

Hello sir!

My name is Victor Oludayo, a nigerian, and 30 years old.....
I m having issue with virgins;
Maybe it's the way I have being positioning my prick, I don't just understand ...
I observe thst each time i try having sex with virgin it was not always easy, even with full erection.

But is I grab non virgins, after 40mins of sex, its just the beginning....

The question I have being asking myself is, why did i always having problems penetrating the virgin vagina?

Pls help me on this


Hey Vic,

First time sex, sometimes can make someone nervous and unsure of what to expect. Perhaps you need to ask yourself about, how prepared are the girls that you have sex with? Are they prepared psychologically and physically? This is because if they are not well prepared then penetration can be challenging.

Check out this article for tips on how to handle first time sex:

Love Matters Team.