Posted by Georgev

Hello my girlfriend and I had unprotected sex and minutes later her periods begun.... What are the chances of her getting pregnant?


Hi Georgev, thank you for reaching out to us. The answer to your question lies in the length of her cycle. She would need to determine how long her cycle is. Her cycle begins on the first day of her period and lasts until the first day of her next period. To notice patterns it is best to track the cycle for a few months. Her ovulation date, which is her most fertile day, is usually in the middle, for example, if her cycle is 28 days long her ovulation date is the 14th day. Sperm can stay alive and viable in the female body for up to five days so the five days before she ovulates are also considered fertile days. If her cycle is longer than 30 days or shorter than 20 days, her ovulation date may be a little harder to calculate. Also, a woman can fall pregnant at any point of her cycle which is why safe days are considered a very unreliable way of preventing pregnancy.