Posted by Yita

Hello LMA,
Please hide my ID,see I've been dating this guy for the past five years and he wants us to get married by next year,he's a complete definition of a good man, I've never had any issues with him and he really loves me but he's not financially ok and there are some things about him that I don't like and truthfully if I had found someone better in those five years,I would have left him,pls I need advice on this,do you think I should stick around and accept his proposal?


Dear Yita,

It has been five years since you started dating this man and you knew he had some things you dont like and that he is not financially stable, five years is such a long time, it is therefore important you decide what you want. One of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is whether these behaviors and his financial instability is it something you can live with or not? Remember marriage is a life long commitment hence whatever decision you make, ensure it is wise and you can live with it.

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