Posted by Fabright

Hello I'm Jack ( not my real name) I have a girl I love. It happened that she got pregnant for me *I guess* we talked about the matter and agreed we'll raise the awaited child together given that it gets delivered healthy. This went all well until the about three months just in good terms. The problem is she is always influenced by her peers to decide incredible things by force, she sought advice from her friends who accused her of getting pregnant at an early age of 20. Without me knowing she sought medicine to terminate the pregnancy. After all that happened she came back to me massaging lies about what actually happened, "like I've stomach problems so anytime I feel upset I use flagyll as a reliever. So I got used to until it terminated the pregnancy" I became furious and decided to leave it at bar, I love her but my conscience doesn't allow me to stay with a murderer. I feel insecure because the evil spirit's of death may again strike her and finish me. This thing is eating me up,