Posted by Lanre

Hello, I'm 15 years old, it's about three months left to my next birthday.My penis measures up to 7.3 inches when erect,I don't feel satisfied because it looks small when I look at it from above and also because it's kinda small compared to my height.I want to know if it can grow bigger before I'm 18 or 21.. It's also has a vein that runs through the middle, I don't know if it's normal...and when it's erect it gets veiny a little bit..


Hello Lanre, it is understandable that you feel a little apprehensive about the size and length of your penis. Especially because society has made it seem like the bigger the penis the better. The truth is When soft, a penis is usually between 2.7 and 5.1 inches long. An erect one is usually somewhere between 2.7 and 17 inches long. The average is about 6.7 inches. So you see you are well above average and there is nothing to be ashamed of.
Unfortunately, the fact is penile size cannot be increased without surgery. While there are a lot of people out there trying to sell you all kinds of products – pills, pumps, patches, creams, gels, sprays and stretchers – most of it is hocus pocus. And experts say that is because the penis is made of spongy tissue which cannot be lengthened or stretched. Even surgeries offer only a small increase in size.