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Hello. I have a child for my boyfriend and ever since the child was born, I have been the one travelling down to Benin with my baby to see him. He hasn't travelled down to my house to see us neither does he call my parents. And now he wants me to come to benin again. Should I go or should I put up a fight till he comes over and starts calling my parents?


Hello Baycee,

Thank you for trusting us with your information and apology for the delay in responding to your concerns. What kind of relationship do you have with the father of your child? Have you ever shared your expectations and get to know his as well. Putting a fight may not solve the issues that you have currently, it may make the situation worse than it is now.

Having a conversation with your partner is important, talk to him let him understand how the whole situation is making you feel. Also get to know if he is committed to the relationship or not. Remember a healthy relationship has two people who are committed and willing to make the relationship work. There is open communication, trust and honesty.

Wish you the best as you prepare to talk to him.

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