Posted by Aaron Opolot

Hello I am Aaron from uganda!!
2month a go,i met abeautiful american girl in church once and she went back to the USA and all what i felt for her was a big dream to be in a joyfull relatioship i feel Love for her,it keeps on increasing whenever we keep talking throut texting each other...

Recently, itold her how i feel love for her,she nicely thanked me and said She is not dating anyone but she can not be on a date with me because she does not know me properly, since we met once!!!

I have failed to give up on her because,she does her best to reply my greetings and if i say anything about dating with her she will never reply my text,she does not want to talk to me on voice chat,all what she gives me is excuses!

Please,this as affected my life beyond threat because,my feelings are stack on her and i feel she will not respond to my feelings back.!!

Today i am asking, How can i best explain my self to her and do i have any bright future with her??


Dear Aaron,

First and foremost you need to understand the feelings you have toward this girl, is is true love or is just infatuation? Check this article on love-

From your message, it seems like the girl has clearly shared her feelings- that she can not date you; you need to respect her decision and rather than pushing to have a relationship build the friendship first.

Wish you the best.

Love Matters Team.