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Hello have been in relationship with my guy for 3,years before we started going out i told him that i want a serious relationship that will lead to marriage and he agreeed also I asked him if he has girlfriend he told me non not until after a year I notice his ex girl friend calling him offen and each time I ask him he will tell me they are just friend even their chat seems more than just a friend but he still keeps denying it. Please what should I do.


Dear Blessing,

A healthy and strong relationship is build on open and honest communication, mutual respect and trust. All these attributes are built as you grow in your relationship. I am glad that at the beginning of your relationship you were able to share your expectations, this shows that at least there is communication.

When you say that their chats seems to be for more than friends, what do you mean? Perhaps you need to have a candid conversation with him. This time round express how you feel rather than blame him for communicating with the Ex, build a conducive environment that will help you to come up with a solution for the issue.

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Love Matters Team.