Posted by Wealey

Hello am in two serious relationships and could like to end one because I don't love her like I do to the other one


Hello Wealey,

The decision on who to marry or not is solely personal. I am sure there are reasons why you have settled on one and not the other. It is important that you communicate your decision to the person you do not want to marry. Be clear on your decision.

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Love Matters Team.


I understand you very well, I also was in such a situation. With one of them, I had a special connection, but with another one, I had just fun. I didn't know who to choose but after the advice of my friend, I read This made to understand that it wasn't only a special connection, she was my twin flame. So, after a long discussion with her, I got to the point that we are meant to be together and I broke up with another girl. Fortunately, she understood me. Just be with the one with whom you feel at ease in any situation.