Posted by shiru g

Hello am confused Wether my x husband wants mi back. He loves my baby so much but he gives me mixed reactions on the side


Hi Kagwi,

Sorry that you feel confused. It often very difficult and frustrating when you cannot be able to tell how one really feels about you, especially if you care about them. It often helps to talk to them about it. If you cannot be able to talk to them, you can tell about how they feel about you by how they treat you or behave when they are around you.

Its a good thing that he loves his child, but that is not a sign that he shares the same feelings for you. So its also important for you not to raise your hopes up too much.

You need to start thinking about what you want for yourself. Do you want him back? Do you feel like =you can be able to work through the issues that led to the break up? Do you feel he's willing to give it another try? Think about all this and let the answers to the questions influence your decision.

Check out this article of finding out if someone loves you, you can just replace she with he on the article .


I have realized I dont nid anymore.


We fight all the time he calls mi all names .the other day he set mi up with his best FRND to see if I'll sleep with him. Who does that