Posted by Sofia Hassan

Hallo love matters i heard that marriage is prison is it true?


Hello Sofia,

Different people have different opinions/perceptions of what and how marriage is. These opinions could be based on ones experience or by observing other people's marriages. However marriage is not a prison, though you become one and do some things together it does not mean that you do not have your freedom. Understanding your partner, having open communication and a trusting friendship can go a long way in making your a marriage a success.

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Love Matters Team.


Hello Sophia,

A very interesting question.

Marriage is just like any other relationship, there will be good and bad times. How the people involved solve their issues and communicate determine what kind of a marriage they have. The circumstances that brought them together may also determine what kind of a marriage they have. Some people may perceive marriage as prison since they got married for the wrong reasons, lack a good foundation for their marriage, or did not take time to learn their partner while dating. Not all marriages feel like prison, there are people who have been married for many years and they can admit that they do not regreat the decision to get married to their spouse. Others will go as far as say that if they had to do it over again, they would marry the same person. This category of people do not view marriage as prison. On the othe hand,while some people speak from experience, the circusmtances sorrounding their marriage may not be right for a happy marriage; hence, their opinions cannot be relied on. A good example is a young woman getting married just becuse she got pregnant, the two may end up feeling trapped since the union may have happened when they were not ready.

Remember, the conclusion that marriage is a prison is not necessarily based on people's experiences, much of it is from obsevation, speculation or baseless opnions. It does not have to feel like a prison if the marriage has a good foundation and those involved are committed to making it work.