Posted by joyleen

hae,am 18 yrs old n in luv with this guy who is 12 yrs older than me n of a different tribe from me...Is it ryt(abt the tribe it is nt a problem,bt the age difference is)


Hi Joyleen, thanks for your question.

Age really does not matter. What matters is the two people in the relationship and what they think and feel about each other.

Age difference comes as a result of societal expectations but that is not reason enough to keep people apart.

There are a lot of couples that have a big age difference but they are happy together.

That said, age gaps of 10 years or more can create particular challenges regardless of whether the man or woman is older. Each person in that relationship has different cultural references and was influenced by different things as they were growing up.

But as long as both of then understand each other and respectful of each other school of thoughts then age gap becomes irrelevant.

You should enjoy your relationship Joyleen and don't let age be an issue.

Read this article and get more insight https://lovematters.co.ke/news/does-age-difference-matter .