Posted by nyawira

Hae I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 months bt currently things have changed so much .He no longer sets out for dates like he used to, he doesn't call until I ask him to ,he will only willingly text at night and thinks am weak and dramatic for complaining for his lack of attention .I currently feel like he is no longer interested anymore and playing a reverse psychology on me .Anytime I ask anything abt it he either ignores or say I am nagging ....How do I get to knw what he really wants now ,how do I knw if he is really interested anymore


Hello Nyawira,

Communication is a key element in any healthy and strong relationship. Lack of it, may led to break up. Perhaps, you need to find time when both you and your partner are in good moods, and when you can have an honest conversation. While doing it ensure that you dont blame each other rather try to address the issue that you have.

Check out this article, it will help you to have an open and honest conversation:-

Wish you the best.

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