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Had protected sex with a condom and an ipill too. Any chances if I'm pregnant? Last tym when I used the ipill alone , it didn't work and I had to face an abortion later on
Plz help!


Hello Sam,

Let's start with condoms.

A condom is a prevention tool, when used correctly and consistently, it prevents one from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections including HIV. There are 4 C's when comes to condoms. The first C is a condom- ensure that you have a condom that is not expired. The second C is consent- it is important that you and your partner agree to using condoms. You can negotiate with your partner by sharing the importance of using condom.

The third C is correct- it is important that you follow through the instructions on how to use a condom. Use one condom at a time, not two on top of each other or a female and male condom together. This can cause the condoms to slip, and they won't protect properly.
Make sure the condom isn't past its expiry date, isn't damaged and hasn't been out in the heat for too long. That can make it brittle. The same goes for keeping condoms in your wallet, or in your pockets for - weeks at a time. Don’t use scissors to open the packet, and be careful you don’t damage the condom with your nails. Roll the condom down over a fully erect penis while squeezing the air out of the tip, so it won't burst later. Never unroll the condom before trying to put it on. Use a new condom if you switch from anal to vaginal sex.Only use a condom once!

The fourth C is consistent- if you use condom on the first "shot" ensure you use in the next and next.

When used correctly, condom do prevent one from unplanned pregnancy. Check out this article:

Emergency contraceptive pill is a pill that is supposed to be used only when one is in an emergency situation that is likely to lead to unplanned pregnancy. Such situations includes rape and condom burst. E- pills work within 72 hours after unprotected sex, however the effective rates reduces with time. Therefore the sooner you take the E-pill, the higher the chances of it working. It is important to note that E-pill should not be used as a regular family planning method. If one is sexually active, one need to consider a more long term method of family planning. Check out this article for more:

Sam, with the 2 methods combined and if you used them correctly, the chances of getting pregnant are almost zero.

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Love Matters Team.