Posted by Jesusson1

Good morning sir.
Please help me post this
I met a lady almost 8 months ago and we've been just normal friends ever since.
When I met her, she had nothing and she felt used and dumped. She was profusely struggling in all areas. Well, as a friend of her, I spent every little thing on her, give her attention. I gave her almost myself, the kind that I've never shown any girl in my life! And I never asked her for sex.
She actually told me she was dating a guy who actually disflower her according to her but because of distance and little argument they broke up.
By God's grace, I've helped her get a job, get her personal house and a phone!
The situation right now is, January 1, I told her that I wanted to start a serious relationship with her which she decline! So yesterday, I was checking her phone and I saw how she was telling the formal guy how she's missing him and how she loves him so much!
What should I do? I'm actually planning to confront her and ask her questions and also to respect whatever her decision maybe!
The facts is that she doesn't love u, but she used ur presence to forget about her formal guy. Once the guy comes back she will forget about u.

If u love her sit her down and tell her what u want from her, ask her what she see u as a. Is she seeing u as a friend, a brother, a philanthropy. Ask her if she will like to be ur wife in the feature . The answer she reply u will tell u where to stand.


Hello Jesusson1, thank you for reaching out to us. We are so sorry that you are going through such a hard time. Sometimes we love people and they do not love us back. That is perfectly okay it may hurt but we cannot force people to love us. Also, if we could, would we want love that is given unwillingly? All we can do is love people and hope they will love us back.