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Good morning , I'm Sheila and I need your help. I'm married for 1year and a few months now but I'm going through emotional stress and I don't know what to do anymore, I love my husband but I'm not sure the feeling is mutual, We have two twin boys 10months now.. I feel like walking away from my marriage,but I still love my husband and don't want to deny my children a chance to grow with their dad.. me and my husband did not date we sort of decided to settle down coz of the kids do such marriages work? And if they do how?
I really need your help


Dear Sheila,

I am sorry to hear what you are going through, it must be a difficult for you and your relationship. Relationships strain at some point, however how you and your partner addresses the issue is what will make it last or not.

From your text, it sound like you never had time to get to know your partner well, neither did he.With the children also, you too had not had time to know each other more and nurture your relationship. Perhaps, that can be your starting point, you both have a sitting, identify the issues that you relationship is facing and address. Remember your partner may not see any issue, it is not time to blame each other but to genuinely share your concerns and fears.

Walking out of the marriage is not always the solution, have you tried all the measures to save your marriage? Do you think you have done enough for the last 12 months to make it work? Have you brought to your partner's attention your feelings and he has ignored them? Have you sort support from anywhere else? Before you walk out, work your marriage out first.

Remember, by nature of your engagement- that you did not date; you need to be patience with each as you learn the love language for your partners as he does the same.

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Love Matters Team.