Posted by Fiona

Do I dump this guy and move on? I fell in love with him ,he was a single dad by then. But later u realized he had moved in with the mother of his kid when I confronted him he admitted the lady said she was pregnant again n moved in. I love him a lot but am too jealous to share him.he says I shud just accept the other lady n be with him too.advise


Dear Fiona,

I can imagine what you are going through, letting go is never easy. However getting to know what you want and how will help you in addressing the issue. It is good that the guy never lied to you about moving in with the mother of his children,this is the starting point, no matter how the situation is making you feel.

First you need to accept the fact that he is committed in another relationship. Second ask yourself whether you want to be number two, if yes, you accept and move on, but also understand what that means to you. For instance, you need to understand that you cant have the man as you wish. If you are not ready to be number two, you need to let him know your decision, be firm. Then move on with your life.

Letting go is never an easy decision, it may take sometime. Surrounding yourself with people you love, accepting your new you, doing things that you love and celebrating any milestone in your life will help to move on. Don't be in a hurry to get into another relationship, take time to heal and to re-energize. Check the below tips on how to let go:-

Wish you all the best!

Love Matters Team.