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Hello Muigai,

Medical professionals and researchers have not yet confirmed what excatly causes this type of cancer. They have, however, identified risk factors. The main ones include:

1. Age-It is common among men who are over 45 years old

2. Genetics or family history-This condition can be passed from one generation to another. This type of cancer is called hereditary cancer. It is important to note that some gene mutations (gene changes) which cause cancer may not be inherited. These are called acquired mutations.

3. Diet-Men who do not eat healthy diets and do physical exercises may be at a higher risk than those who do.

4. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)-Research shows that men who have had an STD such as gonorhea may be at a higher risk of developing prostate cancer than those who do not.

5. Other possible causes include obesity and certain medications

It is important to note that despite the fact that researchers and medical professionals pin point these factors, this does not confirm that they are, indeed, causative factors. Several researches have been conducted and are still being conducted and medical professionals remain optimistic that the real causes will be discovered soon.

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4. Race-


Dear Michael,

Age had been considered as the primary risk factor for prostate cancer, the older a man is the higher the chance of getting prostate cancer are.

There are other factors that include having poor/ unhealthy diets, lack of physical exercises and obesity. Presence of sexually transmitted infections especially gonorrhea exposes one to a greater risk of getting prostate cancer.

It is important to have regular check ups and you can always Seek advice/ information from a medical professional.

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