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Can a relationship actually work without sex because now adays a guy doesn't wanna date you without the word Sex,I guess am confused


Yes, a relationship can work without having to engage in sex.
A relationship is much more than just having sex.Before committing to a relationship it’s always good to set out on boundaries.
Communicate your values and set out on what both of you want in a relationship.
Think about whether you want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't accept your values/understands your standpoint/pushes you to do things you aren't ready for', etc.
We have a great article on relationship:


That all depends on first the age of the people in a relationship.... Teenagers and young adults... i advise waiting to have sex. even if you are not a virgin.... Get to really know that person. I the mean time explore your own body first bc when it come times you will know what you like... And it wont be so awkward.... As for people late 20s + lets face it eventually.... No its not going to work. Iam not saying sleep with anyone you just met. If the other person cant respect you personal "moral" waiting period (within reason) then they arent for you