Posted by Tina Ogolla Opiyo

Am Tina from migori ,my man is forced to stay and marry a lady he gave birth with for the lady has turn to him after 3yrs but the guy is not ready ,I had to leave the houseso that I could give him time can you help him plz


Dear Tina,

I am sorry for what you are going through. I also acknowledge the fact that you want to help your man, but even as you do this, what does the man want? Who forced him to marry? What is he saying about the whole situation?

While you may desire to help your man, you first need to understand what he want and how he want to address the issue. Based on waht he want, you can both discuss ways on how to go about it. Remember also your man may not want you to get involved in this situation, so get to know what he want. Check out this article:-

All the best.

Love Matters Team