Posted by carlos

am new here,thank's alot to you,I experience something like ejaculating after i urinate?pls help


Hi Carlos, welcome to love matters and thank you for being part of us.

When do you experience this? Is it after you have had sex, masturbated or had an erection for a while? Because in all three instances chances are there is seminal fluid in the urethra which comes out when you are passing urine and that is normal.

When one is excited sexually there is seminal fluid that starts flowing to the urethra it could come out if one ejaculates or just remain trapped if one does not. As a result when one goes to urinate the trapped seminal fluid is passed out together with the urine.

There is nothing to worry about. that is normal and happens to most men.

The only thing you need to watch out for is if you have discharge with other signs like itchiness on your genital area, a burning sensation while urinating, or soars around your genital area, that would be a sign of an infection that would need medical attention.