Posted by kriss bigg nash

am in love with a girl ..i have tried several times to tell her how i feel but i fear the outcomes of what she may reply after telling her that "i love you" ever since we were together she took me as a friend but me i took her to be someone special.. whenever i see her ma heart beat increases ..i dont kno if she feels the same towards me ..... WHAT SHOULD I DO?


Hello Kriss,

Finding someone to love is always a nice feeling. But love does not come that easy. Love comes in many different forms. The people you love are usually the ones you feel happiest with. They're the people you want to spend time with, who you couldn't bear to lose - the ones you really care about.

You might be attracted to her and infatuated by her, the best way to get her is by informing her that you are attracted to her. If you do not inform her she will never find out. Do not fear rejection since its also a possibility. You can always tell if a girl loves you, here is an article that shows you how .

Facing your fears only makes you stronger and better. Whether she accepts your proposal or rejects it you will at least have an answer and you will be able to know your next step. Here is an article about rejection that can help you get over it .