Posted by Alema Martin

Am in long distance relationship for one year with my girlfriend but the problem was we met for four times and we chat on phone for five months
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What should I do to win?


Hi Alema, Sorry for the predicament that you are in, I can tell from all the Emojis that you are sad.

Long distance relationships can be very challenging. So its very important that both parties put efforts into it to make it work.

Communication is key and therefore the main ingredient for any relationship to work. The fact that you are not close to your partner means you do not get the physical touch and that makes regular communication a good reassurance.

It can be really difficult, but the more openly you talk, the easier it will get. And in fact, being in a long-distance relationship can make you a better communicator altogether.

The fact that you talk to your girlfriend on phone is a good thing and you should maximize on that.

If you strengthen your communication it will help improve your relationship in general.

Here is an article about long distance relationship Do's and Don't that will help give you more insight .