Posted by Sophy

Am a lady who's 20yrs nd got a bf who's 27yrs I do love him alot but there's a problem coz he usually underestimates me in most things that I usually do,may it be books since he was good in books buh as for me am not I usually feel bad wen am lowered emotionally but I don't show it I don't know wat to do whether to live him coz can't see us since I hate been underestimated plz someone help


Try speaking with him about it and tell him how you feel when he does little advice though


Hello Sophy, thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry you are going through such a hard time.
Communication is an important part of any relationship. Have an open and honest conversation with your partner. Explain how their actions are affecting you and the relationship. Try not to be confrontational because that would put them on the defensive and the resulting conversation would not be productive. Be ready to listen to their fears and feelings and respond to them as well.
This article has some pointers that could help you learn how to better communicate.