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Am damn confused about my partner who has suddenly told me that I should go out and look for another relationship just out of nothing, what can I do?


Hello Francey,

I am sorry to hear the sudden end of your relationship. I can imagine how confusing that statement can be.

Perhaps you need to reflect on your relationship, has there been issues that have remained unsolved? How long have you been together, did you talk about the expectations that each partner had?

Talking to your partner could also shed light as to reasons why the sudden change of heart. Check out this article on how to talk to your partner :

Strong and healthy relationships are built on open and honest communication. This ensures that each partner is able to share their feeling, dissatisfaction without fear of being judged. So should you decide to continue with the relationship, it is important that you ensure there is free flow of communication between you and your partner.

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We've been in this relationship for a year now,I'm suddenly broken at this time that he wants no more me.I think of doing something weird to myself to forget about this man and love again,am to my walls in relationship now,got nothing to do for,,,,I may say I nolonger need a man but God forbid but this has really killed my going in love



I can imagine what you are going through. It is never easy to deal with a break up and especially when it is sudden. As much as you feel the pain and anger, it is not helpful to do something that you may regret later in life.

Here are some tips on how to cope with a breakup:-

Think about what went wrong, but don't obsess over it. Don't fight your feelings – accept them, and let them out gently. It can be hard to stop thinking about it, but try to take your mind off it as much as you can. Remember that your end goal is to move on.

Meet with friends and share your feelings. There’s no better cure for a broken heart than sharing your feelings with good friends. You can meet and pour your heart out.

Get rid of negative emotions. If you still feel angry with your ex a few months after breaking up, remind yourself that it’s in the past now and it's time to let go. Get rid of things that remind you of your partner – things like the gifts they gave you or cards they made. It’s sad, but it can help you move on.

Care for yourself. Eat well, sleep well, and take lots of exercise. Do things that make you feel better – like going for a walk in the park or getting together with your family. A little bit of tender loving care goes a long way in the healing process.

Get a new hobby. Try learning how to cook or play the piano. Find things to do to fill in spare time. Keeping your mind and body busy is an essential part of healing. You might also meet new people with similar interests when you join a group or club.

Be positive. It might sound unbelievable, but it's perfectly possible that you’ll find someone else who’ll love you again.

Don’t turn to drink or drugs. Stay away from alcohol and other non-prescription drugs. They’ll do you more harm than help you heal.

Watch out for signs of depression. If you think you’re falling into depression, let someone know. Get help.

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