Posted by Judith Bart

Am 20yrz, What Can I Do To Deal With A Heart Break. It Hz Bkam 2 Hard 4 Mi 2 Control. I Can't Stop Crying, I Thk Abt Commitg Sucide Now. Ts Beyond My Undastdg.


Dear Judith,

There is nothing wrong with crying after break up. It can be a difficult moment for you depending with the circumstances that it happened.

Committing suicide though is on another level;- What is it that is making you want to commit suicide, is it worthy? Is this the only way to deal with your pain or is there another way? What will be the responses of the people you leave behind especially the significant ones? What does that mean for your loved ones? Think about it carefully and make an informed decision. You can seek services of a professional counsellor before you make that step.

Remember there are other ways to deal with a break;- check this article

Love Matters Team.