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PhillyI feel my body burning sometimes. What could be the problem0 replies
GhskdkkMy woman was a lesbian a few years ago but now she says she wants only men but every time we have sex she doesn't cum what would be the ...0 replies
GhskdkkMy woman was a lesbian a few years ago but now she says she wants only men but every time we have sex she doesn't cum what would be the ...0 replies
PeteHello I have bumps on my pubic area one slightly before my left testicle other one on top of the penis .. is it a sign of sti 0 replies
KaariHow to clean your vagina and have it smell nice all the time0 replies
ManagerHi ?I have a problem. At first when i start romance with my wife my cock is always hard as required but as we continue romancing so that ...Latest reply Thu 01/04/2021 22:39 by: AlexArmstrong2 replies
ManagerHi i have a problem while romancing at first when we start romance my dick is always hard but as we continue before starting the ...Latest reply Thu 01/04/2021 22:44 by: AlexArmstrong3 replies
JamesridgeI get quick erections every time I think sexually about someone or read any sexual information whether in public or nt .hw do I get about...0 replies
OlamiHi love matters, please why is a part of my vaginal wall swollen,,, i just noticed it over months ago, i dont know if its normal but it l...Latest reply Tue 16/02/2021 16:09 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
BosiboriDo you do the removal of implants??Latest reply Thu 04/02/2021 09:20 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
JugHeadMy penis hurts when its erect..... Has some discharge and pains when passing urine.... Does it mean I have an STI?! And what's the remed...Latest reply Wed 06/01/2021 18:34 by: moderator LM - Anita2 replies
Diana123Hi if anyone can friend was a virgin nd she got pregnant.we took her to the hospital and she got the pill and they worked for h...Latest reply Wed 06/01/2021 18:06 by: moderator LM - Anita2 replies
KikkieWhat could be the cause of meaning of rashes in the inner labiaLatest reply Tue 01/12/2020 19:26 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
Abikeade01Last month I discovered I have infection and I was treated for pid,I took antibiotics and was also given injections, the following week I...Latest reply Mon 02/11/2020 21:57 by: moderator Fedhi Channan1 reply
Abikeade01I was urinating today so I deep a finger into my private but I was scared because my finger could touch some organs tho I don't know whic...Latest reply Mon 02/11/2020 22:06 by: moderator Fedhi Channan5 replies
BridgitDoes it pose medical assistance when I'm getting yellow liquid discharge everyday and making me so wet and little smell coming from the d...Latest reply Mon 26/10/2020 16:16 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
Chesboy20Can masturbation affect the size of a penisLatest reply Tue 07/07/2020 18:11 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
LanreHello, I'm 15 years old, it's about three months left to my next birthday.My penis measures up to 7.3 inches when erect,I don't feel sati...Latest reply Wed 22/07/2020 18:52 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
GabbyBlaizzeI know of a guy at 23years, he does not ejaculate anymore and he has never has sex in his life. does he have a problem? what exactly is t...Latest reply Mon 02/12/2019 13:55 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
ibramovicnPls , I notice my penis is shrinking and getting smaller, wat can be the cause and what is the solution?Latest reply Mon 18/11/2019 22:34 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
AbisoyeWhat is the cause of discharging spam after sexLatest reply Mon 18/11/2019 21:48 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
FrancisI am a shy guy I don't know how to talk to girls on the street and also I don't know what to tell the girl can you please help me out wit...Latest reply Wed 09/10/2019 20:10 by: moderator LM-Ann3 replies
petermoi254what is likely to happen to man productivity if he has never had sex upto the age of 22Latest reply Tue 01/10/2019 14:21 by: moderator LM-Ann2 replies
BanksI notice my scrotom does not sag always like before, most times it becomes stiff and shrink like mass.. Wat should I do? Latest reply Thu 15/08/2019 20:27 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
SmilyHeloo sir mra boobs ka size day by day decrease ho rha hai...pls mujhe breast increase krne ka koi solution btayeLatest reply Mon 24/12/2018 19:40 by: moderator LM-Ann3 replies