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PaulohSmelly pussy, what procedure do you clean... She cleans but yet smelly after sometime... Any sweet smelly liquid to wash it with??? Latest reply Thu 26/12/2019 14:41 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
PleasureI am 25 but I like women around the age of 35 or may 40. How I should approach for one?Latest reply Thu 24/10/2019 15:55 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
JeninngsHi,am 22 years old,i have undergone through FGM and I have been having troubles becoming wet when am about to have sex..and it hurts me w...Latest reply Sat 09/11/2019 23:03 by: Jesse wasonga1 reply
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OmerHi, agirl iwant to marry told me that she is circumcised so, iwant to know: Can FGM girls get sexual pleasure and how long it can take to...Latest reply Wed 15/05/2019 22:48 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
SzohioI’m 48 and female in a healthy sexual relationship with husband but my problem is I am masturbating 4-6 times daily . I can’t seem to sto...Latest reply Thu 30/08/2018 19:21 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
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RMy cousin sist these days gives hugs,kisses she allow me and give hugs and kisses during sleeping (night),,,, sometimes she will allow me...Latest reply Thu 18/01/2018 00:30 by: LM-Kev4 replies
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Walemy girl frnd always complain of tiredness wen Eva my av sex even wen she is not d one doing d job,i should b d one saying that not her,so...Latest reply Sat 25/02/2017 02:12 by: LM-Kev2 replies
EdduMy girl always deny me to have sex with her.and incase she allows me to have sex with her,she only gives me 2 shots then she tells me tha...Latest reply Mon 06/02/2017 16:59 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
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BrownMy galfrend has a lot of fluids while having sex, a times it turns me off coz I can't feel the pleasure in a swamp. Why does this happen ...Latest reply Tue 03/01/2017 01:29 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply