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vivianMy boyfriend is on drugs, is a drug peddler, has dreadlocks not to my liking, an alcoholic and i dumped him because the cons are more t...Latest reply Tue 25/07/2017 13:26 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
QadiroHey I'm mujtaba I have a american light skinned girlfriend we were suppose ro meet last ninth on June but their was ticket problems and s...Latest reply Tue 18/07/2017 11:47 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Esther KamauI'm in love with a married man can the relationship workLatest reply Mon 17/07/2017 13:34 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
shiksWhen would you say that someone cheated? For example is it wrong to hand out with a male friend at the expense of spending time with your...Latest reply Tue 11/07/2017 11:48 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Dredo2011I don't fell toutch on top of my penis (glans) what is problom want u know i was addicted to wank how i can return felling to my penis??...Latest reply Tue 11/07/2017 12:26 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Njeri8Hello? Am in a relationship which seems to be all good but its a distance relationship. I love my man so much since he is all that I need...Latest reply Tue 11/07/2017 12:43 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
grahvymoshhi,I'm a guy aged 18 years,I'm single and need a girl below my age to create a relationship with,can you help?Latest reply Mon 10/07/2017 16:39 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Steve123When you say "I love you" to someone several times and they do not say I love you back. Is it such a big deal or I am just overreacting. ...Latest reply Mon 10/07/2017 16:33 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
druffyAm in a relationship dat produced 2kids Latest reply Mon 10/07/2017 16:13 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Giru11 I am a 24 year old lady. I have been with my boyfriend for six and a half years now. We met when I was in campus. He is the only guy I h...Latest reply Mon 10/07/2017 16:04 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Jane12Why is it hard to find true loveLatest reply Thu 15/06/2017 10:39 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
sylviahI have a boyfriend we have dated for one year but yesterday when I was with my boyfriend he said he wants not to see each other for two ...Latest reply Tue 20/06/2017 17:20 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
NewtonMy name is Newton, the last time I was in a relationship was three years ago and I have really been looking forward to be in one but its ...Latest reply Fri 09/06/2017 15:21 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
redemptaHow do you know someone is loosing interest on you???? Latest reply Mon 10/07/2017 16:25 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
LinahHi,my name is Linah.I have dated my boyfriend for four years now,a year ago we decided to have a baby after he came back from Dubai,our r...Latest reply Fri 02/06/2017 12:20 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
BayceeHello. I have a child for my boyfriend and ever since the child was born, I have been the one travelling down to Benin with my baby to se...Latest reply Fri 02/06/2017 12:04 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
myworldi was in a relationship whereby d guy hot temper nd suspecting ways made me got tired,we luv each other bt he dnt truth me dat made got t...Latest reply Thu 11/05/2017 19:52 by: moderator LM-Ann2 replies
ThapeloI hurt my women so bad and many times and she used to warn me then one day it come to a point she was feed up but I manger to make things...Latest reply Sat 06/05/2017 21:30 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Krisfayte97Just got into a new relationship, It's 3months and some days now. We've had sex, but my boyfriend started acting up all of a sudden. Aske...Latest reply Thu 11/05/2017 20:23 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Wangui Ndung'uI have been in a relationxhip for the last 2 years,but we rarely meet,we meet once in a year and there have been poor communication,is th...Latest reply Sat 06/05/2017 22:10 by: moderator LM-Ann2 replies
Ntombi1990I hve been in a relationship with father of my kidz for 12yrs he recently started to cheat on my he doesn't sleep home it breaks me so ba...Latest reply Fri 28/04/2017 00:58 by: salihuetsu11 reply
JanetMy husband cheated on me and now he's sick, am expected to support him and pretend like everything is OK but honestly am dying inside. I ...Latest reply Tue 18/04/2017 15:38 by: DUNCAN2542 replies
Kishan LoveSir me kishan hu mera shadi ko 4 sal ho gae ham dono ka age same hai mera biwi sex me bilkul intrest nahi hoti jab ham sex karte hai to u...Latest reply Tue 25/04/2017 12:13 by: Rahul2 replies
brian mwagahWhat do you want to know?what is the main thing that women look for in men bedore settling down for marriage or serious relationshipLatest reply Thu 06/04/2017 19:35 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
RA NEhow imake good six with my girl friend Latest reply Tue 04/04/2017 23:00 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply