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HundrezzI've been in love with my girl for 2 months now but it seems like we're not in good vibe .I feel so insecure all the time even if she cla...Latest reply Sat 01/08/2020 15:09 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
BellarWhat is the difference between lust and love? Latest reply Wed 22/07/2020 13:05 by: moderator LM - Anita4 replies
Luna1973My girlfriend and I are always open about whatever goes on in our relationship... But I get jealous each time she talks about people who ...Latest reply Tue 07/07/2020 18:08 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
NzemillerGood morning, My name is Odili. My girlfriend called me and said she needs a break. I have intention of getting married to her and she is...Latest reply Mon 18/05/2020 08:26 by: OleKay2 replies
haydi77i suspect my wife.i suspect she may had sexy & sleep with somebody can i proof if she sleep with somebody else recentlyLatest reply Tue 07/07/2020 18:26 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
lisabakerIs a relationship possible if I have serious depression and anxiety?Latest reply Tue 07/07/2020 18:35 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
LightMy fiance she is hiv positive, is it possible for me to continue with the relationship/sex without being infect me? Of course he has a d...Latest reply Wed 08/07/2020 15:14 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
SophyAm a lady who's 20yrs nd got a bf who's 27yrs I do love him alot but there's a problem coz he usually underestimates me in most things th...Latest reply Tue 12/05/2020 17:51 by: James1232 replies
YitaHi,i have this problem where my boyfriend visits me at home without ever buying a gift,am not asking for much just maybe some snacks,am n...Latest reply Wed 22/07/2020 18:23 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
Mehec18 There this woman older than me. We work in the same place. She's married has one kid but her husband is abroad,comes once every year. Am ...Latest reply Wed 22/07/2020 19:12 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
Jumah44My Girlfriend always love it me putting her picture on my profile in WhatsApp but with her she has never put me or in status dp Latest reply Wed 22/07/2020 18:54 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
DinobiHow can I bond with her?Latest reply Wed 22/07/2020 18:45 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
Jesusson1Good morning sir. Please help me post this I met a lady almost 8 months ago and we've been just normal friends ever since. When I met...Latest reply Tue 28/01/2020 16:34 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
MaddieI'm in love with him but I doubt if he feels the same for me. We had a misunderstanding 2days ago and I've been trying for to make amends...Latest reply Sat 25/01/2020 23:00 by: Jesusson18 replies
jasonbloomWhich is the best ed pills for men to have long-lasting sex?Latest reply Tue 28/01/2020 14:45 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
RachealariyikeHow do I know a relationship that will end in marriage?Latest reply Thu 26/12/2019 14:05 by: moderator LM-Ann6 replies
OmoteeI met a man two years ago any time we together we are always so connected to each other but any time we separate it as if I do not matter...Latest reply Tue 17/12/2019 09:11 by: moderator LM - Anita1 reply
YitaHello LMA, Please hide my ID,see I've been dating this guy for the past five years and he wants us to get married by next year,he's a com...Latest reply Thu 26/12/2019 15:40 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
CommybabeHi I have been dating a guy for the past five years we claim to be in love but along the line I realised it to be that I loved him more t...0 replies
SheilaEdwardGood morning , I'm Sheila and I need your help. I'm married for 1year and a few months now but I'm going through emotional stress and I d...Latest reply Fri 22/11/2019 23:41 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
Soj4Dear Doctor, Please I need to know what is going on with my wife, for the past 8months now she's not been menstrating, she's just 38yrs...Latest reply Sat 19/10/2019 11:13 by: Edge2 replies
LovefaceAbout loveLatest reply Thu 24/10/2019 16:14 by: moderator LM-Ann3 replies
BellaI have been dating a guy for 6months now I really do love him but he calms he those not know what he feels ,he agrees he feels something ...Latest reply Mon 02/12/2019 14:18 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply
SusanI am 27 yrs old girl. I am in live in with 47 yrs man. He loves me a lot. We are living together since 4yrs now. My parents are very Orth...Latest reply Tue 01/10/2019 13:16 by: moderator LM-Ann2 replies
BrenyenyeSo, I went through my boyfriend's phone a few days ago and I realised he had been playing me all along. He has had affairs before which I...Latest reply Thu 15/08/2019 20:40 by: moderator LM-Ann1 reply